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Hi, I’m Alexa.  You might say I’m a “desert flower”  type girl.  I have dark hair, olive skin, and an hourglass figure.  My parents were Spanish and Egyptian, so any good looks I have are strictly inherited.  Fortunately for the purists, that means the my assets are all natural.  I am only 18, so I’m super new to having nude photos of me taken and to the sex world in general, but I find that the more I shoot, the more confident I am about my body.

I was raised to view the body as naturally beautiful, so I’m not ashamed of my nude body in the least.  There is one thing in my body that isn’t natural, and that’s a tongue ring.  I don’t have any tattoos or other piercings, but the tongue ring is fun to have.  I like traveling and natural settings and have been fortunate enough to shoot on the beaches in Hawaii and other gorgeous locations.

Sexy and Fun


A lot of my pictures are taken outside.  I love to be sexy and fun and spontaneous when I make sexy photos for you guys to look at.  Sunlight and flowers are some of my favorite things, so you’ll see them around me a lot.  Watch me strip out of my sexy, casual gear and have a little fun playing games for you.  I tried licking my own nipple, and after some work I got it.  I love the feel of my feminine lips on my breasts.  My fingers will have to do for the rest of it, but I think I did alright.


All Natural

I love to take simple, natural photos with light coming in from outside.  I feel so beautiful and sexy when I have sunlight dancing on my smooth, naked skin.  How can you resist me?  I don’t think you can.  My raven hair cascades down my chest to cover my perky little breasts, and nothing about me is fake or pumped up.  My hair, nails, tits, face… it’s all real guys.  I know that’s what you want.  I like to make love naturally too.  We’re all sexual creatures, and I enjoy showing you my sexual side.

Around The House

Ok, so most women don’t wear a black corset and panties around the house, but I’ve never been compared to most women.  I like to look sexy in case someone drops by.  In this case, that someone was my photographer.  We got pictures in my office, my bathroom, and my kitchen.  I’m not the normal house mouse, am I?  Wouldn’t being at home be more fun if your girlfriend would strut around the house in her lingerie.  It wasn’t just pretty clothes I showed off in these photos.

Sultry Lady

Don’t you just adore a lady in black, a lady who is dark, sultry, and waiting quietly for you to advance.  I’ve been told I have a feline quality, stalking a lover before a night of passionate fucking.  I always wear lingerie so when I slide my slinky black dress off my shoulders, there’s a lacy little buffet waiting on my lover.  It’s like a lady road map for their lips, kissing the trails of flesh that my lacy things expose.  I’m sure you can guess the hours of pleasure that come next.  Remember boys, good things come to those who wait.  In this case, good things come to boys who know where to go for my sexy pictures.

Sweet and Innocent

I love these bright pictures my photographer took.  They are an instant favorite of mine, and I know you’ll like them too.  I only posted a few on here, but if you go to Alexa Model you can see the whole thing.

Club Dress

I picked out this hot black dress just to go to the dance club in.  I love the way the halter shows off my big breasts!  My photographer was around as usual to snap all the naughty pictures.

Date: October 29, 2017
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